Hyper Panda started in 2016 in Melbourne, Australia as a middle eastern grocery and convenience store. It is owned and operated by Ali Khorsand since day 1 and has continuously grown in terms of the space, number of staff as well as the variety and quality of the products. The focus of the business throughout its journey has been on the customer satisfaction and convenience. This is well reflected on the testimonials and reviews in which our many customers have kindly provided at our social media channels.

At Hyper Panda we treat our customers like our close friends and parts of our family. We talk to them and assist them to have as best as possible experience in our store. We suggest them to pick the best of our products that we would love to consume ourselves. We are very lucky that our customers always leave our store with a big smile on their face which is the #1 reason for us to love what we do.

Our paramount emphasis is to help the middle eastern community to feel at home by supplying the goods that they have lots of good memories with and are nostalgic for them. Also, we thrive to introduce the great middle eastern goods to other communities in Australia so that they would get to know our great food culture.